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Conversation with the Chair: A Teacher Town Hall Meeting

Conversation with the Chair: A Teacher Town Hall Meeting

Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen addressed educators nationwide via webcast from Washington, D.C. Her live message for teachers discussed the mission and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve System. After her remarks, Chair Yellen took questions from K-12 and post-secondary educators of economics, history, and related disciplines, who were gathered at Federal Reserve Board and Bank offices across the country. The event took place from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, January 12, 2017. 

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Federal Reserve Financial Education Day

This is an annual program, typically held in October, focused on sharing personal finance tools and resources with students and/or teachers nationwide. Your local Federal Reserve Bank or branch may be hosting an event, such as a professional development workshop for teachers or an after school or student-based program. The goal: to promote discussions about the importance of financial education. Staff from the Reserve Banks and branches will showcase free personal finance resources from throughout the Federal Reserve System as well. Contact your nearest Federal Reserve Bank for details about events in your area.

Town Hall with Former Chairman Bernanke: A Program for Educators

In commemoration of the Federal Reserve System's centennial, former Chairman Ben Bernanke shared his perspective with educators around the country on Wednesday, November 13, 2013. He addressed key facts about the Federal Reserve's history and the wealth of educational resources available, as well as answered questions from participating educators.

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